De Cam Kriek Lambiek 75 cl

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De Cam Kriek Lambiek 75 cl It is two year old lambic blended with cherries. It is distinguished from De Cam Oude Kriek in that there is no addition of young lambic at bottling to create a secondary fermentation in the bottle and thus carbonation. De Cam Kriekenlambiek is flat.

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Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 6,5%
Presentacion 750 ml
Fabricante Geuzestekerij De Cam


Product Note Status Price
Liefmans Gluhkriek Liefmans Gluhkriek
9.69 € *
Lindemans gueuze Cuvée René Lindemans gueuze Cuvée René
3.22 € *

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