St. Feuillien Gran Cru

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St. Feuillien Grand Cru is a speciality beer carefully crafted by Belgium’s St Feuillien Brewery. This extra-blond amber nectar masterpiece undergoes refermentation in the bottle, resulting in a beer endowed with unforgettable character. The secret lies in the unique combination of the most noble hops and the finest aromatic ingredients. Grand Cru differs from other beers in the range by its absence of spices. Its full, white head is light and frothy, and when poured it creates a subtle lace effect. The very pale colour of Grand Cru lends clarity and brilliance to its body.

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Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 9,5 º
Presentacion 33 Cl
Fabricante Brasserie St. Feuillien


Product Note Status Price
St. Feuillien 33 cl Glass St. Feuillien 33 cl Glass
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St. Feuillien Triple St. Feuillien Triple
2.55 € *

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