Troubadour Magma Neipa

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Troubadour Magma NEIPA has a haziness that perfectly matches the very fruity and hoppy flavours that you perceive immediately, even before tasting the beer. A full body in which you recognise a mix of different malt flavours is combined with a fruity juiciness. Soft, but not bitter!
We distinguish a clear taste of orange, pineapple and some hints of citrus and lemon.

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Wholesale Price 7.58 €
Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 6,5% Alc/Vol
Presentacion 33 cl
Fabricante Brouwerij The Musketers - Reepstraat 208, 9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas, Bélgica


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Albombrilla Troubadour Naranja Albombrilla Troubadour Naranja
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