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Kayak the Scandinavian Fjords - Kveik Cryo DIPA is a full malted, golden blonde, double hopped beer. The complexity of the beer is already formed by adding extra hops at the end of the boiling step in the brewing process. Hops are then added a second time during fermentation. This is a dry-hopping process that provides an explosion of hop aromas! For this Bucket List beer, we also chose Cryo hops.

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Wholesale Price 7.70 €
Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 7,2% Alc/Vol
Presentacion 33 cl
Fabricante Brouwerij The Musketers - Reepstraat 208, 9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas, Bélgica


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Albombrilla Troubadour Naranja Albombrilla Troubadour Naranja
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