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Oude Beersel Green Walnut

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Green Walnut is a surprising and innovative Lambic beer of Oud Beersel. For the production of the Green Walnut real fruit is used, in the same way as for the Oude Kriek of Oud Beersel. In July the still green walnuts are gathered in the Oud Beersel orchard and are added to the Lambic beer that matured in wooden wine barrels. After the bottle fermentation this sparkling walnut Lambic of Oud Beersel is called Green Walnut, which is a strong companion for blue-veined cheese, dried ham and salads with nuts. The green walnuts macerate in the Lambic beer enabling them to unfold their taste and flavour. The initial bitterness which is extracted from the walnuts is tempered during the ripening of the walnut Lambic. This results in a delicate balance between the light sourness of the Lambic beer and the bitterness of the green walnuts. The wooden wine barrels provide a subtle touch of red fruits to the beer.

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Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 6%
Presentacion 75 cl
Fabricante Brouwerij Oud Beersel


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