Andech Kloster Weizenbock

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Andechs Kloster Weizenbock attracts the eye with its strong honey colour. A structured yeast turbidity and opulent, fine-pored head complete the visual appearance. Striking fruit aromas of banana, mango, apricot and pear with underlying spicy aromatic notes such as clove and nutmeg surprise the nose. The body is strongly defined yet soft. Andechser Weizenbock is wonderfully tangy and refreshing to drink. A perfect interplay of discreet fruit acidity, slight honey sweetness and fine hop bitterness in the background culminates in a harmonious, fruity finale.

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Paisorigen Alemania
Grado 7 % Alc/Vol
Presentacion 50 cl
Fabricante Andech


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Andechs II Glass Andechs II Glass
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