Moinette Ambree

Moinette Ambree

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Moinette Ambrée is a top-fermented amber beer, refermented in the bottle.

First crafted in 2016, Moinette Ambrée enables us to present a trilogy centred on one of our star products, La Moinette.

Its colour, flavour and aromas result from brewing a blend of five different malts.

When tasting this beer, the aromas of special malts and fine hops dominate: the combination of fruit and bitterness give Moinette Ambrée its beautiful balance.

Genuine refermentation in the bottle, which may be extended by several months in your cellar, creates this harmonious and refreshing beer.

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Paisorigen Bélgica
Grado 8,5%
Presentacion 75 CL
Fabricante Brasserie Dupont


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Copa Moinette Copa Moinette
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