Nickel Brook Glory & Gold

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Nickel Brook Glory & Gold Barrel aged Cuvee This complex reserve ale is the embodiment of triumph, and a fearless approach to blended beer. Our base blended ale is then combined with an intricate mixture of sweet malts, fruits, spices and herbs before it's aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for two years. The result of this gradual and elaborate process is Glory & Gold, a magnificently decadent beer that tastes just like victory should. Punchy notes of citrus, tobacco, orange peel, vanilla, and fruit, finish with a tart and funky kick to marry the oak and bourbon introduced from the barrels. 

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Wholesale Price 27.36 €
Paisorigen Canadá
Grado 9,5% Alc/Vol
Presentacion 50 cl
Fabricante Nickel Brook Brewing: 3426 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7M 1A8, Canadá

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